Our Positioning

Our Positioning

Lithium–Africa Consulting also integrates downstream of its Consulting and Intermediation activities, the design and/or marketing of telecom and fintech solutions.

We set up, in direct partnership with telecom network operators or Enterprises (B2B), relevant solutions, products & services that bring real added value to their activities and to the daily life and lifestyle of their end customers; and therefore help them in making a clear and noticeable differentiation in their different markets.


Our Priority Areas of Intervention

Cloud UCC Solutions via VoIP Nextgen Systems
Commercialization of Cloud PBX systems and solutions via VoIP Nextgen
Digital Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Campaign
Development and/or marketing of value-added solutions and services for voice and data - Telecoms and FinTech
Development and/or marketing of FinTech value-added solutions and services
Development / Marketing of Mobile Applications
Design/Deployment of Mobile Promo Campaigns for Telecom Operators and FinTech
Design/Deployment of Mobile Promo Campaigns for FMCGs.

Nos Domaines d’Intervention Prioritaires

Our Winning Value-Adding Solutions & Services


Unified Communication & Collaboration and Cloud PBX Solutions via VoIP for Telecom Operators, Internet and Private and Public Companies

In partnership with AARENET (www.aarenet.com).

Cloud pbx

We deploy reliable and future-oriented VoIP systems for telecommunications, Internet and mobile service providers, cable operators, utilities and enterprises.

Our systems and services are Swiss designed, modern, 100% digital, flexible, custom designed, deployed with excellent quality at an affordable cost and operated with the highest reliability and availability. They allow unbeatable economies of scale whatever the size of the organization.


Digital Advertising Solution for Telecom Operators – Digital AdSuite Kosmos

In partnership with KosmosLeads (www.kosmoscorp.tech).

Ultimate digital advertising solution for Telecom Operators to increase their competitiveness by generating new advertising revenue streams, consolidating their position as the main Internet access point to provide their customers with advanced, programmatic, personalized transparent online advertising.


Solution to boost voice revenue for Telecom Operators – Voice Booster

In partnership with SiFox (www.sifox.com).

Voice Booster is a plug-and-play solution that helps the telecom operator to significantly increase (3 to 7% net incremental revenue) its voice and interconnection revenues, and at the same time improves the customer experience.


Micro-Credit solution for Telecom/FinTech Operators - Mobile On-Demand Loan Service

In partnership with MovaPay (www.movapay.com, www.movas.group).

Technology and data analytics solutions that create the increasingly essential bridge between mobile networks and financial services.