Our Unique Approach

We bring the essential local touch because we have learned and know that the "one approach fits all" does not work and especially not in the context of sub-regional and African markets.

At Lithium-Africa Consulting, we base our added value and above all our specificity on our vast network of skills and partner specialists in the Telecom, Fintech and Services sectors in general; and also non-profit. We thus bring innovative and relevant ideas, execution models and solutions; and in addition, we help in the implementation through continued support.


Our Areas of Intervention

Lithium-Africa Consulting, advises and works as a team with decision-makers and top management; and more specifically assists in major decision-making relating to the following areas:

Corporate Strategy and Positioning
Marketing & communication and commercial & distribution strategy
Corporate organization and structuring, global/marketing/commercial
Marketing and commercial support & distribution
Social Marketing
Marketing Development Projects
Capability Building and Ramp-up of Start-ups and Local Development Organizations
Strategic choices of Telecom and Collaborative technologies
Strategic choices of Telecom & Fintech products, services & solutions
Tactical Choices of Value-Added Services

Beyond theoretical ideas, strategy and approach, at Lithium-Africa Consulting unlike many other consulting firms, we systematically support our clients' operational teams in the implementation of projects.

Domaines d’Intervention