Our Value Added

Our Value Added

Thanks to our knowledge of local markets and contexts, the one of targeted industries and our portfolio of partners, we know how to assess offers and requests, and thus in the most optimal way, put in contact and open new business opportunities for different players in the sectors of Telecoms, FinTech and Development Projects.


Our Universe of Expertise

For actors in the value chains of the Telecom ecosystem, the FinTech, and also that of Development projects; both between private actors and between public actors, we help to set up and implement relevant business relationships and partnerships in win-win and sustainable ways.

For this, we rely on our vast network of partners, customers, suppliers, and above all reliable contacts throughout the different ecosystems.

We thus help :

Telecom operators, mobile or fixed
Telecom equipment manufacturers
Suppliers of telecom and fintech value-added solutions and services
Potential Telecom and Fintech investors
Public and government sector actors
Donors and other actors in the development sector
NGOs and non-profit international and local organizations
Suppliers/providers of marketing and commercial services
All other Telecom and Fintech players
All other actors and/or promoters of non-profit or development projects

 Notre univers d’expertise